namazaron11 (namazaron11) wrote in swirlers,

Paging for carolcat!!!

carolcat aka Carol..I hope you get this before Monday.

I  wanted to email you actually..but I can't seem to find your email address.I must be blind.

Anyways..I'm going to Bangkok this Monday and was wondering if you can list out the cool places to shop? Of course when I say "cool" it has to be synonymous to "CHEAP, easy-on-the-purse".

Oh and I heard that skin care products and cosmetics are quite expensive there.How expensive is expensive?I know Boots is I'm gonna stock up on those. What about Origins?

I have to buy 2 pairs of sparkly heels for a cousin's wedding this November and where can I to get heels with desings like Stuart Weitzman's, Jimmy know..etc..etc..I don't mean deisgner like designer styles.

I'll be staying at the Arnoma it very near as in walking distance to the bazaars or do I have to take a cab?

Okay.....and another question: Is the traffic jam in Bangkok REALLY THAT BAD?
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