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So, I posted this on the Swirl, but I've noticed that a lot of the people I'd like to have included on this project haven't posted a lot recently (myself included, actually) so I thought I'd post here to make sure everyone sees it. Well... as best they can.

Alright, so I'm a total loser and had an idea for a BG cookbook that I'd be more than willing to assemble and distrubute, actually. If you go to lulu.com you can get all these deals on publishing your own stuff and I thought "Y'know what'd be cool? Sharing recipes with the Swirlers."
Because 1)I'm a total dork
2) I never know what to cook
3) We all have various tastes and tons of recipes between us, I'm sure.
4) I think it'd be a cool way to restore a l'il bit of community feeling.

I was thinking the Swirl Cookery Files would include
~ Cocktails
~ Appetizers/Finger Foods
~ Entrees
~ Desserts

and any other dining tips anyone has, like cool things to do with tableware or centerpieces, etc. Feel free to be creative with your entries by including pictures, musical selections decent for preparation, recommended wine, etc.

I'd love to set it up where we have little bios of all the contributors in the back (with pictures and aliases) and can say really goofy things in the title like "Castallare's Guacamole" (or "Salsa's Salsa".. tee hee hee.). If that's too retarded, I understand, but still, I'm all about setting this thing up 100%. Finished copies would be about $11 and you could order them straight from the site (and not from me.. so you'd be sure I'm not scamming you... again, I just want this to be fun and share-able. We could even send one to Cameron, which would be cool. Oh whoa! I could even try to get a submission from cameron. That'd be the shiz.)

Anyway, comments, recipes, offers for help, cover design ideas, etc, are all welcome to be sent to my email address (soar101 at aol dot com). I'd love for everyone to enter at least one thing, but feel free to enter any and all of your favorites. I think I'll leave the entry dates open until the first of july and can hopefully have the book done by the beginning of August. I promise a quality project.

So yeah, that's the proposition. Again, I know how unbelievably dorky and silly it is, but it seems like a good idea to me and it's something I know I'd love to have in the kitchen.

If you're for it, send your recipe (or promise to send a recipe) to my email and I'll start tallying recipes/votes/promises for more recipes. Also! Include a small bio if you'd like it added and I promise to use all your words verbatim so choose wisely. I'm thinking if I get more than 20, we're good to go. OH YEAH! I'm going to make this book in both metric and traditional measurements, so international baddies won't have such a hard time with our conservative American ways.
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